Monday, 17 August 2020

Add Curb Appeal to Your Home with Hardwood Flooring


As we adopt 2020, it is time to establish family and personal goals for the new year. Is this the year you intend to sell your property? The summit property season is nearly upon us, and now's the opportunity to liven up your house for curb appeal from the spring. Hardwood floors are a excellent selling point to attract buyers. In Clapham Floor Sanding, We're pleased to serve our communities at the Clapham Area, and surrounding Indianapolis places to Guarantee hardwood floors is in top condition.

Real Estate Ready: Get Your Hardwood Floors Ready for Your Spring Market

Hardwood flooring is an investment that can last a lifetime and is among the top selling characteristics of a house in today's market. Now is the time to rate your home renovation projects to be prepared for future selling.

Already have hardwood flooring? It is time to refinish and wash it!

Refinishing present hardwood flooring is a fantastic option as you intend to get a shift in property ownership. This adds aesthetic appeal and rejuvenates the flooring to seem like fresh and upgrades the appearance to contemporary standards. Maintaining and repairing floors helps prevent damage from becoming worse.

Do not have hardwood floors? Contemplate new installment!

Just adding a small amount of hardwood floors provides a degree of prestige and aggressive edge to your property. Many homeowners opt for installing hardwood flooring downstairs and keeping carpeting upstairs. This is a great way to add charm and value in a budget-friendly way. Using a free consultation, we can discuss the best options for you, your budget, and your property deadline.

Looking to add depth to your hardwood flooring? Think about installing a floor medallion!

Add flair to your hardwood flooring with specialty medallions and borders to make the space . With the capability to add customized images embedded in the timber, the choices are unlimited!

With over 30 years of experience, the professional installation and completing team at Clapham Floor Sanding is here to keep your hardwood flooring at peak brilliance. Contact us 020 3369 1099 to begin your next wood flooring job.

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