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Red and White Oak Characteristics

As national hardwoods with more than 200 subspecies found in North America, both white and red pine are popular choices for hardwood floors in homes today. Red walnut alone accounts for 50 percent of all hardwood floors in the United States.

Why is bamboo so popular is its workability with tools and its own ease with staining and sanding. It's often a choice for those who seek a more expensive type of wood but can accomplish the identical look through applying a wood stain or varnish.

Because of its grain and porous nature, red oak takes a stain very well. While white oak may also be stained, as a result of tannins in the wood, it is not advisable to utilize wood bleach or bleach stain. This is because it will cause the timber to discolor to a greenish or brownish appearance.

The natural color of red oak is a somewhat reddish tone with no drastic difference between the heartwood and sapwood of those species. As it ages, it takes on a golden tone. White walnut reveals more defined colour between the heartwood and sapwood sections. The heartwood appears as a light brownish with a bit of a pink or pale gray tint, while the sapwood gifts anywhere from a whitish to cream colour.

The variations in coloring in the heartwood and sapwood of every variety are affected by the age of the tree as well as the environmental conditions under which it climbed.

Since the heartwood is the older portion of this tree it's often darker in appearance and more powerful which helps it become resistant to disease and rust.

Red oak is regarded as a standard for Janka rating, and it is a measurement method for floor hardness. Floors that originates from white pine trees weighs in with a Janka rating of 1210. It is implied that the growing seasons play a part in the hardness of forests, but as you can see, the variant isn't major between the 2 types of flooring.

It's crucial to note that when deciding on a hardwood floor, the Janka rating ought to be taken under consideration, but only as a comparison and not a last determinant. Because of the nature of timber, no matter the hardnesswood can still be scratched or dented. This evaluation system was devised to determine how much force is required per square inch to force a steel ball with a diameter of 0.44″ into a piece of timber.

Monday, 28 September 2020



Where does wood come from? Trees of course. What do trees will need to grow? If one of these elements is absent, then the tree will not survive. If water is indeed critical to the success of a tree, why should it be averted with hardwood floors?

Well, let us consider the bicycles an oak tree goes through. Every year, new expansion pops out from the spring; it continues to grow through the summer; its leaves change color and drop in autumn (because of falling sunlight), and then it will become dormant during winter.

In each of these stages, the requirements of this tree are a tiny bit different. When it's growing, it requires more nutrients than once it is dormant. Like every living thing, its demands change gradually with time.

One reason we want to use wood in our houses is because it creates a sense of natural warmth. Although the substance is no longer alive, it will continue to react to fluctuations in temperature and humidity. When wood finishes, our doors become harder to open and close and the spaces between planks of flooring are reduced. When hardwood contracts, the spaces between the boards become more conspicuous. The level to which the wood shines or contracts depends on the climate and the type of wood.

How does this relate to the chambers in our home? We want to avoid using wood flooring in rooms where important changes in humidity and temperature happen. Although we are continuously using water in the kitchen increasing the odds that the floor will end up moist -- it isn't risky to install a hardwood flooring in kitchen. When there is a spill at the kitchen it will probably be cleaned up fast. We are attentive to the use of water in the kitchen then we are in different rooms where plumbing exists.

If we don't usually spill water from the laundry room, why can it be strongly discouraged to utilize wood flooring there? The laundry area is a tiny enclosed space and the degree of humidity fluctuates with every load. For instance, the average family may wash 5 tons of laundry per week. At least among those heaps will be washed in hot water and likely several will be washed in warm water. The steam in the hot water will considerably increase the humidity in the room and the impacts of the warm water is going to be amplified because it's an enclosed space.

Bathrooms are the most common rooms which timber floor enthusiasts may risk using hardwood flooring, even if they know the risks. If the toilet is really a half-bath, meaning it does not have a shower or bathtub, a timber floor would not be in danger. If however, there is a bathtub or shower, hardwood floors should be prevented. The reason is that it's possible that the tub could overflow onto the ground at some point and the steam in the shower or bathtub would greatly impact the humidity in this small enclosed space. Taking household size into consideration when planning your space is a significant step to determining what sort of flooring is greatest.

What happens if wood flooring becomes completely saturated? It is dependent upon how much water is spilled and the length of time it's left untreated. The local climate and kind of timber are also factors, but to a lesser extent. The worst case would be that the timber would bow, split and crack due to the abrupt change in humidity. It also can cause a blot without harming the integrity of the timber. If it had been to divide, that portion of the floor would need to be replaced. Depending on how recently it was set up, it may be hard or impossible to match. If it had been stained, it may require trimming or replacing the whole floor.

Together with the investment of effort and time that goes into installing hardwood floors, it is logical to avoid using it in areas that are enclosed spaces where the temperature and humidity changes quickly and frequently.

Wednesday, 9 September 2020

What Do You Need to Know about Solid Wood Flooring?

 Are you considering replacing your floor with hardwood flooring? If yes, then you can't go wrong because timber flooring is an excellent choice that goes with any contemporary, traditional and country dwelling. Wood floors include natural and unmatched beauty. They are perfect of all kinds of d├ęcor, also you'll be able to use it in any part of your house, whether its kitchen or basement or living area.

You have landed on the ideal spot because, in this manual, we are going to tell you everything that can assist you in using and purchasing the right hardwood floor.

What is the wood flooring?

Wood floors is a board of floors that is composed of authentic wood. Many different sorts of wood floors incorporates different wood species, plank sizes, fitting flooring and types structures.

The majority of the instances, wood flooring is blended with laminate floors. However, laminate flooring doesn't consist of real wood, but it's a synthetic floor covering. Real wood flooring consists of authentic wood or strong piece of wood that is made up of plywood base.

The main structures of wood flooring

There are two basic forms of wood floors:

Engineered hardwood floors

Solid wood flooring

The first kind of hardwood flooring is known as solid wood flooring. It is composed of a solid piece of timber. This wood comes from the trees which are then machined and become a flooring plank. Engineered wood flooring is much expensive when compared to other flooring types since it has a high proportion of hardwood. Even though it isn't as versatile as engineered timber flooring, it's still rather durable. Additionally, bear in mind that solid wood flooring can't be fixed if you install it on an underlay. Moreover, you can't use it together with underfloor heating also.

Solid wood flooring typically comes with a depth of 5/8 into 3/4. However, if you are residing in a humid climate, then good wood might not be a good alternative for you. Due to the identical reason, it's also not suggested for basements.

Engineered Wood Flooring

The second kind of flooring is engineered hardwood floors. It is made up of real hardwood together with a base layer of plywood. Due to this structure, engineered hardwood floors is more versatile as well as stable when compared to solid hardwood floors. Due to its exceptional stability, engineered timber may be a superb selection for virtually any area of your workplace or home. You can even use engineered timber in below-grade basements. But, unlike the solid wood flooringengineered hardwood could only be sanded or sanded only once during its lifetime. This property makes engineered wood flooring suspectable to use inside the houses.

In this post, we will mostly talk about the properties, application, pros and cons of strong wood flooring and whether you should use it or not.

Which one's good? Solid or Engineered?

Although it is dependent upon your budget and choice, some variables indicate the worth of solid hardwood floors.

Solid hardwood flooring is widely available due to its amazing applications. It is made up of a board of wood. This board includes one piece of wood. Solid hardwood includes a broad collection of distinctive and stunning styles. Since it is made up of one piece of wood, all boards of solid hardwood will contract and expand at the same beneath humidity and temperature variations. As a result of this land of solid hardwood, it should not be utilized in specific areas like kitchen and basement. Furthermore, once installed, it is essential to leave gaps between the flooring to allow some room for regeneration and expansion.

If it comes to choosing and picking between different kinds of hardwood floors, the region of installation matters a lot, if your region is a high traffic area like a living room or office, then solid wood flooring is the ideal choice. Likewise, your entry or hallway is also the ideal location at which you ought to use good wood flooring. However, if you are planning to use the timber in an area where there are high humidity and moisture or a place in which the temperature is mostly fluctuating, then solid wood flooring may not be ideal for you -- these areas include kitchen and bathrooms.

Aspects to Think about before installing solid hardwood floors

To install the hard solid floors, follow these steps:

Step#1-Decide an installation method and also be very careful

Solid timber is a natural product that means that it will continuously shrink and expand according to temperature variations. Because of this, you need to very careful when installing it. You have to allow sufficient room to the solid wood planks to maneuver. There should not be any excess pressure or stress on the joints of these planks. You should not choose this timber flooring without having the essential knowledge and doing sufficient research before picking it.

If it comes to solid wood flooring, it is essential to determine the right procedure to put in the floor. The methods of installation vary based on the thickness and width of flooring. Moreover, it also varies according to where you would like to put in it. Normally, solid hardwood floors is clipped to a subfloor that is also made up of wood. Solid hardwood floors is usually glued or installed as a floating floor. It's also essential to be aware that it is not feasible to install the solid hardwood flooring below grade.:

Step#2-Acclimation is significant

It's imperative to acclimate the solid hardwood flooring to correct the moisture content inside the house. Solid hardwood floors is not water-resistant and is exceptionally prone to bringing moisture; that is why it should be acclimated. To do this, you can store the good hardwood flooring in the environment already before installing it.

The perfect humidity level ranges anywhere between 30 to 50 per cent. You can even seek advice from your manufacturer concerning acclimation before installing solid hardwood floors.

Why should you select solid wood flooring?

Solid wood flooring is not only common today, but it has a long history of durability. It's an irresistible look and feel which can bring something very unique and special to your inside. Strong hardwood flooring doesn't even need any special attention and care, making your life simpler.

There are various elements that you need to think about before getting hardwood floors. Selecting between solid and engineered wood flooring can be hard since there are only some small differences between the two. Following are some reason why you should choose good hardwood floors for your home and industrial area.

Reason#1-Wear and Tear

You should use good hardwood floors because it's highly durable and can withstand against wear and tear.

Rationale #2-Ideal for pets

If you're a pet owner, then solid hardwood floors is your very best buddy. This floor doesn't attract pet hair, dust and dirt such as carpeting and other floorings. But, it's crucial to take special precautions to save the floors from unnecessary moisture and urine. You want to use rugs and trimming your pet's nails to prevent unnecessary damage and scratches.


If it comes to refinishing, solid hardwood flooring is the perfect alternative for you. This floor type does not require continuous refinishing like other flooring types.

Rationale #4-Maintenance

Care of solid wood flooring is easy as compared to other flooring types. You can eliminate the dust and grime just by using a soft brush. There's not any requirement of employing floor cleaners or investing in particular chemicals.

Advantages of solid wood flooring

  • Engineered hardwood floors is a reliable and appealing choice, and that is why it has been a fantastic choice for decades.
  • Following are the reasons why solid hardwood floors is a fantastic alternative for your home.
  • Engineered hardwood floor is a straightforward means of installation.
  • Engineered hardwood flooring is extremely tasteful, and it gives you inside a look of spaciousness.
  • It's called the most lavish and one of a kind type of wooden flooring which consists of one hardwood piece.
  • Other than the classic magnetic appeal, solid hardwood flooring also cuts off the maintenance cost, unlike other flooring choices.
  • Another advantage of using solid hardwood floors is that it's available in various widths and lengths. It usually means that you can understand what is necessary for your surroundings.
  • The setup method of solid wood flooring consists of a tongue and groove method, that's the most versatile installation method.
  • With solid hardwood floors, you also get a chance to select from prefinished and unfinished solid wood planks.
  • One of the most significant advantages of utilizing solid hardwood floors is that it is highly durable and robust. High-quality good hardwood flooring offers warmth, beauty and enhances the aesthetic appeal of your area. It is so strong it may last up to many generations. Additionally, solid hardwood is also able to withstand stress, heavy foot traffic and is very hard-wearing. Owing to its long-term durability, it is thought of as the ideal alternative for commercial spaces.
  • Solid hardwood flooring is an ideal long-term investment that increases the value of your property. It can become a resale argument, faster sale and higher resale rates.
  • Engineered hardwood flooring comes with a vast assortment of styles, stains, colors, patterns and species. You also get an opportunity to choose from unfinished and pre-finished solid hardwood flooring. In short, no matter how varied are your demands, solid hardwood floors consistently has some thing for you.
  • Another benefit of solid hardwood floors is that it doesn't produce vibrations and sounds.
  • Engineered hardwood flooring is also a healthy selection for your insides. It is free of grout lines, fibers and embossing. As a result of this property, it will not trap particles, pollens, dust, allergens and animal dander. That is why it can be an perfect option for your houses, especially if you an allergy sufferer.
  • Engineered wood flooring comes with an ageless quality. Other floors can wear and tear over time, yet this flooring may make your indoors appears beautiful and elite. Not only this but you will be amazed to know that more than solid hardwood floors become even more valuable.
  • Unlike other flooring types such as engineered hardwood floors, carpeting or vinyl flooring, solid hardwood flooring can be replaced and refinished in accordance with your needs.

Drawbacks of solid wood flooring

Strong hardwood flooring doesn't include many disadvantages. Some of those rare Issues That you can face with solid hardwood floors are:
  • As compared to engineered wood flooring, solid hardwood flooring is significantly costly. If you are on a tight budget, then solid wood flooring may not be for you. It is more expensive since it's a high quantity of timber in every plank. However, here it's essential to remember that engineered hardwood floors is not as durable as solid hardwood.
  • You cannot use good hardwood floors in case you've got underfloor heating. Underfloor heating can only be utilized with engineered hardwood floors.
  • Solid wood flooring cannot cope up with the temperature variations.
  • Another limitation with solid hardwood flooring is that you cannot use it with a floor over underlay.
  • Moisture is the enemy of strong hardwood flooring. Therefore, you can't use it in bathrooms and basements.

Strong hardwood floors consists of a solid piece of real hardwood which comes directly from a tree trunk. If you select it, you will have the ability to select from many different different timber species with varying dimensions of board along with the choice of finish. It's a favorite flooring option that can make your indoors attractive.

Therefore, if you want your home to look beautiful while getting rid of constant refinishing, strong hardwood floors can be your perfect option. Not just it is offered in many colors and thickness alternatives, but it's also the most durable option you can find out there.

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Add Curb Appeal to Your Home with Hardwood Flooring


As we adopt 2020, it is time to establish family and personal goals for the new year. Is this the year you intend to sell your property? The summit property season is nearly upon us, and now's the opportunity to liven up your house for curb appeal from the spring. Hardwood floors are a excellent selling point to attract buyers. In Clapham Floor Sanding, We're pleased to serve our communities at the Clapham Area, and surrounding Indianapolis places to Guarantee hardwood floors is in top condition.

Real Estate Ready: Get Your Hardwood Floors Ready for Your Spring Market

Hardwood flooring is an investment that can last a lifetime and is among the top selling characteristics of a house in today's market. Now is the time to rate your home renovation projects to be prepared for future selling.

Already have hardwood flooring? It is time to refinish and wash it!

Refinishing present hardwood flooring is a fantastic option as you intend to get a shift in property ownership. This adds aesthetic appeal and rejuvenates the flooring to seem like fresh and upgrades the appearance to contemporary standards. Maintaining and repairing floors helps prevent damage from becoming worse.

Do not have hardwood floors? Contemplate new installment!

Just adding a small amount of hardwood floors provides a degree of prestige and aggressive edge to your property. Many homeowners opt for installing hardwood flooring downstairs and keeping carpeting upstairs. This is a great way to add charm and value in a budget-friendly way. Using a free consultation, we can discuss the best options for you, your budget, and your property deadline.

Looking to add depth to your hardwood flooring? Think about installing a floor medallion!

Add flair to your hardwood flooring with specialty medallions and borders to make the space . With the capability to add customized images embedded in the timber, the choices are unlimited!

With over 30 years of experience, the professional installation and completing team at Clapham Floor Sanding is here to keep your hardwood flooring at peak brilliance. Contact us 020 3369 1099 to begin your next wood flooring job.